Products We Supply and Work With

We only use top of the line industry standard products on our radiant floor heat systems. Click each box below the descriptions for more information on the products we use, or click each logo for external links to their websites. 

Crete-Heat Insulated Floor Panels 

The Crete-Heat insulated floor panel system is an easily assembled modular board insulation, vapor barrier, and radiant tube holding grid. We carry 

Plymouth Foam EPS Insulation 

Below-Grade expanded polystyrene insulation boards. 4’x8’x2″ boards with a 25 psi load rating. Perfect for under-slab insulation if you aren’t using radiant floor heat. Can also be used in other conventional insulation situations. 

Oil Creek Pert Pipe 

We use a 5-layer heatflex PE-RT pipe from Oil Creek Plastics, evenly distributed across your floor. This allows for reliable, efficient heat transfer. 

Argo Electric Boilers

Argo electric boilers are a great choice if you want to keep your project as green as you can. These boilers are 100% efficient and reliable. 

AO Smith Hot Water Heaters

AO smith water heaters are our most popular eater heaters to use. We provide two different sizes, depending on the scale of your project. 

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